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Web Page Development and Hosting Providers

There are many aspects to consider when looking for web page hosting. Web page hosting can be complex to understand, especially if you do not really know what you need or want. The services offered by web page hosting companies can be very different depending on what kind of web page you are creating. Although it is difficult to know exactly what you will need in your web site before you get it up and running, it will be in your best interest to try to make an accurate estimate so that you can find a web host that meets your needs.

Web Page Hosting Considerations

The first decision that must be made concerning web page hosting is what kind of website you will have. If you have a personal site, your web host demands will be different, for example, than if you have a business site or an ecommerce site. There are many other questions that you will need to answer prior to searching for a web host, like what other additional features you need, how much disk space is required, what kind of data transfer you expect, if you want your own domain name, and your desired price.

Ecommerce and business sites probably have the most specific demands for a web host because they need more features, will have greater traffic, and require increased space. If you are creating an ecommerce site, carefully consider exactly how you want it to operate. Will you need a shopping cart to facilitate catalog shopping and customer convenience? A merchant account is probably a necessity to handle customer credit purchases and money transfer, and secure server access is important, as well. Web hosting for merchants and business or ecommerce sites is often more expensive than web hosting for other sites. The monthly fees generally range from $25 to $75 per month with an additional $100 to $800 startup fees. For business sites, it is also often recommended that the sites have their own domain names. This registration usually only costs around $30 per year, and the name can be easily registered online.

Disk space demands depend on the site that will be created. In 1MB of disk space, you can usually fit about thirty web pages (at 33K/page) that have text and one to two images. If you are concerned about later expansion and growth or are unsure about what kind of disk space you will need, check with the web host about upgrade policies. Data transfer rate is related to the traffic you expect your web site to experience. Most web hosts allow 1,000 to 4,000 MB data transfer or 30,000 to 120,000 page viewings.

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